Our Projects

Our projects are carefully selected to ensure that midwives and mothers will truly benefit from our financial support. We provide ongoing support to organizations that we have visited or volunteered with and can attest to the high quality healthcare that they provide. Please note: All foundation-related travel by board members is self funded. 100% of your donations go to fund our healthcare projects.

Ongoing Support

Carrie Wortham Birth Center

We proudly support the Carrie Wortham Birth Center in rural Haiti, a project of Midwives for Haiti. The birth center was strategically located several hours from any paved roads or medical facilities. Midwives are available 24 hours a day to greet and care for women who may have walked or been carried several hours to receive medical attention. Read more about them at midwivesforhaiti.org.


Medical Teams International

We are happy to support the Maternal and Child Health fund of Medical Teams International. Medical Teams was selected by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) to provide healthcare in refugee camps in Uganda. Their midwives ensure safe delivery in remote health centers and arrange for transfer of care when necessary. Learn more about their work at medicalteams.org.

Sadia copy

HOPE Foundation

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of a HOPE Foundation midwifery student, Sadia Jannat. Our sponsorship will provide housing, food, educational materials and transportation services, during her three years of education (2022-2024). This represents a change from general support of HOPE Foundation to support of a specific future midwife. Please read her compelling personal story here and join us in wishing all the best to Sadia!

Special Projects

Global Health Media

We are pleased to support Global Health Media with a one-time donation in 2020. This organization produces high quality instructional videos in multiple languages and makes them available online for free, providing a valuable resource for midwives, students, and educators. Check out their videos at this website: globalhealthmedia.com

Kiwoko Hospital

Approximately 2500 babies are safely delivered every year at Kiwoko Hospital in rural Uganda. In 2021, the hospital initiated a cervical cancer screening program, with midwives providing both counseling and screening. Cervical cancer is the leading cancer among women in Uganda, causing over 4000 deaths per year. We are supporting the purchase of equipment and supplies needed for this life saving program.

Hospital Lumiere

In 2022, we made a special donation to Hospital Lumiere, a 120 bed facility in southern Haiti. Lois Marie, our foundation namesake, was a member of the church affiliated with this hospital. We are happy to support the maternity department to provide safe births in this community.