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Community Midwife Grant $500 Grants available for Midwife designed and operated community projects providing maternal education or services. Application Due: August 1, 2023 Awardees Announced: …

Grant Recipients 2021

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Midwife Support Grant: Congratulations to all and thank you for your service to midwives and …

1 January, 2021

During the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, amidst a global pandemic, the courageous work of nurses and midwives deserves, more than ever, to be honored—not just by applause. Let us use the stories of their everyday heroism and service to call for all countries to invest in decent work and a new social contract for nurses and midwives as part of their commitment to health for all.

5 October, 2020

Ruth Seikaneng did not have time to mourn her nursing colleague Dudu who died from COVID-19 in one quick, painful week in July.

In the village of Reivilo in South Africa’s North West province where Seikaneng works, patients were waiting for diagnoses, personal protective equipment (PPE) had to be ordered, and a full week of 12-hour shifts lay ahead.

6 July, 2020

The maternity ward at Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar city in southern Afghanistan is one of the country’s busiest. On a crisp February morning, women in pastel-colored burqas crowded the corridors outside the maternity ward clamoring to get in. A woman in labor stretched out on a blanket with her young children beside her, waiting for a free bed. Another woman perched on a stool guarded the doors, unwavering.