supporting midwives and mothers
around the world

What we do

We support MIDWIVES to do their life saving work

Midwives all over the world provide compassionate care for other women in need. Often, they must leave their own families, working for long hours, in poor conditions, for low pay. We support midwifery education, improved working conditions, and fair payment for their work.


Midwifery with both family planning and interventions for maternal and newborn health could avert a total of 83% of all maternal deaths, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths. (Lancet, 2014)

We honor MOTHERS for their life giving work

Mothers bring life into the world and nuture that life. Often, mothers pay a heavy price for this work. The cost of motherhood can range from diminished education, income, and independence, to illness, physical injury and death. We honor mothers by supporting the midwives who care for them, and through other projects that address their needs.

Almost 300,000 women die during and following pregnancy and childbirth annually. The vast majority of these deaths (94%) occur in low-resource settings, and most could have been prevented. (WHO, 2019)

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